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Banshu Electric Co., Ltd. is looking for partners in the wire harness business.

To ensure customer satisfaction, we are conducting a wide and flexible search in fields such as wire harness procurement, production, technological support, product development, and technical development, seeking to build partner relationships. We hope to work in partnership with other companies in pursuit of new business opportunities and business enhancement, sharing skills, technical abilities, and know-how, and making every effort to achieve mutual development.

Our company observes related laws, regulations, rules, and business practices to ensure fair transactions with our partners, and conduct sprocurement activities based on fair and reasonable prices from the perspectives of quality, cost, delivery, service, safety, and environmental aspects. We make every effort to sincerely build relationships of trust with our customers as well as our community, asking each of our business partners to understand and work hand-in-hand in the following endeavors:

 ・Pursuit of quality and safety
 ・Thorough enforcement of information security
 ・Respect for intellectual property
 ・Realization of a healthy work environment
 ・Breaking away from antisocial activities and forces

If you would like to work with us as a business partner or have a detailed discussion about our company, we encourage you to take this opportunity to submit a business partner application. Thank you.