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Today’s highly competitive business environment increasingly demands higher quality, lower prices, and quicker delivery in all industries, including the wire harness market.

Banshu Electric Equipment Co., Ltd. makes every effort to engage in activities that will expand production lines and overseas production sites, improve quality, enhance technology, and reduce costs, making every effort to respond quickly to various customer needs.

Our company’s products are an integral part of our customer’s products, and are currently delivered across the globe. Our plant in Indonesia and plant headquarters in Japan have centralized information and shifted to an open environment, actively promoting the interchange of human resources and true border-free globalization, without regard for ethnicity, culture, language, or distance.

We have made advances in increasingly producing related parts in-house, promoting a business model of technology accumulation and vertical integration, and strengthening our competitiveness. And, with the expansion of the global market, we have dramatically promoted expansion of our plant in Indonesia as well as installations of new equipment.

We, at Banshu Electric, make every effort to create a comfortable working environment for all our employees and offer a substantial employee benefits program with pride. 

Every step we take as a corporation is with a focus on our customers, and we will continue to endeavor to be the preferred choice. We sincerely thank you for your continued support and look forward to your continued patronage.


Akihiko Yoneda, President and CEO

Corporate Philosophy

Customer Focus Every step we take is with a focus on our customers; our customer’s satisfaction is our satisfaction. Quality Focus With a focus on quality, we will deliver first-rate products that are high in quality and safety. Challenge & Growth We will take on new challenges, learn, and grow as persons as a result, taking great pleasure in earning your respect.


Our mission at Banshu Electric is to grow together and collaborate with all group company employees, and provide safe, high-quality, and innovative products and services to our customers.

Quality & Environmental Policy

・We will become a corporation known for top-ranked quality.

・We will become a corporation that continuously improves our technical capabilities, provides safe high-quality products, proactively prevents environmental pollution, observes legal requirements related to our products and services, and is the preferred choice of our customers.

・We will become a strong and competitive corporation that continuously improves our quality and environment management system.

Code of Conduct

Banshu Electric has established the following Code of Conduct, which is a set of common values and ethical principles shared by all employees of our company as well as our domestic and overseas group companies that ensures honest and appropriate behavior on a daily basis, serving as the foundation to our each and every one of our actions:

Relationship with customers and end users

We will maintain the safety and quality of our products and services for our customers and end users.

We will always treat our customers sincerely and with a feeling of gratitude, making every effort to build a better relationship of trust. We will make fair and transparent actions our primary guiding principle in all aspects of our activities.

 We will strive to not think in terms of the side providing products and services, but rather approach matters from the standpoint and perspective of the customer and end user to ensure full satisfaction, making the Banshu Electric Group your preferred choice and the joy and pride that come from this philosophy an inspiration for our daily work.

Observance of laws and regulations

We will observe the laws, regulations, and other rules of society related to our corporate activities both inside and outside the company.

Respect for human rights

We will not discriminate by gender, age, birthplace, nationality, race, ethnicity, creed, religion, disease, disability or other personal attributes; respect human rights; and make every effort to maintain a workplace that is free of discrimination and harassment.

Prohibition of sexual harassment

In order to achieve a healthy work environment, we will not permit any form of sexual harassment.


Employee growth is company growth, and thus we will always endeavor to learn as we face new challenges.

Sharing of information in the workplace

To ensure smooth communication and accurate decision-making in the workplace, we will report, communicate, and discuss information in a timely manner, without omission.

Information management

We will not illegally use or leak the information (technology and know-how) of our company either during our employment with the company or after retirement.

We will not use information related to employees, customers, partner companies, suppliers, or other related parties acquired during service for purposes other than a legitimate purpose.

Contribution to society

Our company, as a good corporate citizen, will make every effort to contribute to the benefit of society.

Each one of us will consider our own individual contributions, and strive to contribute to our communities.



TB Banshu Electric Equipment Co.,Ltd.

25-1 Nishitani,Hiraoka-cho,Kakogawa-City,Hyogo 675-0102
TEL 079-456-0010

Businesses: Head office, Wire harness manufacture
Number of employees : 171 (July 2019)
Land area : 4,600 square meters
Total floor area : 5,391 square meters


Akashi Factory

457-4 Okubo-machi,Okubo-cho,Akashi-Shi,Hyogo 674-0067
TEL 078-935-0248

Businesses: Wire harness manufacture
Number of employees : 63 (July 2019)
Land area : 805 square meters
Total floor area : 1,399 square meters


 JL. KH. Noer Ali  Bekasi Selatan 17148  Jawa Barat Indonesia

Businesses:: Head office, Account and Finance, Sales Department, Human Resources Department








Cikonange, Industrial Zone, Cikumpay, Campake,
Purwakarta, West Java, Indonesia

Businesses: Wire harness manufacture
Number of employees : 3601 (March 2018)
Land area : 86,000 square meters
Total floor area : 30,000 square meters



J1. Jababeka XIV, Blok U No.12B
Cikarang Industrial Estate, Bekasi 17530, Indonesia

Businesses: Plastic Injection , Mold design and Manufacture
Number of employees : 255 (March 2018)
Land area : 1,700 square meters
Total floor area : 3,500 square meters




Cikonange, Industrial Zone, Cikumpay, Campake,
Purwakarta, West Java, Indonesia

Businesses: Rubber Injection, Metal Stamping
Number of employees : 403 (March 2018)
Land area : 10,000 square meters
Total floor area : 1,500 square meters