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Our work begins with the question, “What do our customers need?”
Motorcycle and vehicle harnesses have changed significantly with the times. Those whose affection lies with the classic car, for example, need a harness for such a car. The same holds true for new cars as well.
And, the process continues. “When do our customers need it?” “How many do they need?”
To earn the trust of our customers, we must equip ourselves not only with quality, but with the planning, sales, and manufacturing skills required to respond to such various needs.
Large and small lots, expansive varieties, short delivery periods . . . we believe that because we meet these challenges is why we see the many smiling faces of our customers.


Sales System

From consultation to design, production planning, manufacturing, inspection, and delivery, our sales staff works as a director for each of our customers, from a total system point of view. Sales, not unlike a harness, is the human field that connects each person to another person, each company to another company.


Workflow: From consultation to delivery


Our sales staff will be available to take your calls and provide consultation regarding the various aspects of wire harness development. Our staff will arrange a meeting with you to carefully discuss matters such as product design details and production planning based on your drawings.

2. Analysis
We will then digitize the drawings we receive and send them to our plant in Indonesia. The specialized engineers in Indonesia will analyze the drawing in detail, including the materials and dimensions required.


3. Estimate

We will identify the best method for enhancing production efficiency, quality, and cost performance based on analytical results, and accurately estimate the cost.               



4. Trial production

Our trial production team will then input the determined design details into our BMW system (a layout board design support CAD system), create an actual size layout board, and carefully create a prototype by hand.

5. Joint inspection

We will then invite you to our plant and verify the various matters required for production, such as whether or not our engineering staff has manufactured the prototype according to your drawings, and if there are any inconsistencies in the drawings.

6. Production

Our production management group will input the scheduled quantities into our WEB-EDI system based on your production plan, and produce all products at our plant in Indonesia in accordance with the schedule.    


7. Inspection

The products will undergo four inspection processes, including two visual inspections, a conduction inspection, and a pre-delivery inspection, and then be sent to Japan from Indonesia. Upon arrival, the products will be temporarily stored in our warehouse, and subjected to a conduction inspection and visual inspection once again prior to delivery to your door.


8. Shipment

We will provide just-in-time delivery services in accordance with your order. Taking advantage of our production network linking Indonesia and Japan, we find providing reliable quality and stable delivery to our customers our greatest satisfaction.


Manufacturing system

The planning and development that we have nurtured since our foundation makes us feel as if our plants in our manufacturing system are on adjacent properties, without any time difference whatsoever, despite the distance between our main headquarters in Japan and our manufacturing process in Indonesia. We pride ourselves in achieving thorough IT development, which covers all fields from production planning to manufacturing, quality control, inventory management, inspection, packaging, shipment, transportation, and accounting.



About wire harnesses, other products, and our company

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